The Sunday Worship Experience 

Worship Services are a time set apart for Bethel to love Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, to praise His name and reset our focus through the Books of the Bible, prayer, and song. We will Praise, Proclaim, and Respond as we love Him, hear more about Him, and follow Him more. 

Due to the Covid-19 state of emergency being eased, we are planning to roll out our ministries in a four phase process. Phase One has two steps. 

Phase One-Step One of this plan will begin Sunday May 3, 10, and 17 where we plan to hold drive-in services at the Annex, just like we enjoyed at Easter. Again, we would ask that we use good social distancing and remain in our cars, windows rolled up. Services will meet at 10:15am and 11:15am, lasting 30-40 minutes each. We will also continue to livestream these services each week on FACEBOOK. These next few weeks will be very special as we recognize our college graduates, our mothers, and our high school graduates. Please join us in the Parking Lot of the Annex or online. Worship services will also be available here on our website for those who do not have a Facebook account sermons.

Phase One-Step Two will begin on May 24, when we plan to resume IN PERSON SERVICES in the main building Worship Center at 10:10am and 11:20am, lasting 30-40 minutes each. We will continue to observe good social distancing, by sitting six feet apart and at least every other row. We will be observing several other measures to keep people safe in these services, which will mean that our services will look quite different than normal for a while. Additionally, we will continue to livestream for those who are at risk and for those who do not feel safe getting out. 


Be sure to check out the Weekly Schedule for a current list of activities planned for each week. 


Also, follow HAPPENINGS for the latest news, highlights, and new activities.


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