New Adult Bible Study

The Comprehensive, Chronological Christ, follows the life of Jesus chronologically, weaving events in the Gospels in the order they occurred to form a unique view of Christ. Taught by David Wilkins, the book of Matthew is used as the base text highlighting other events in the gospels in the order they occurred and employing multimedia, archaeology, timelines, and historical events to help gain a better contextual understanding of Jesus and His time on earth. This class meets in Room #224 and is open to all ages.

Chronological Bible Study

Adult Sunday School curriculum has generally been set to cover passages of a themed topic or in studying through the books of the Bible. Today's curriculum does a fantastic job of providing information to aid in establishing a background and setting, as the study of a specific book begins. However, for some of us, even with the provided background information, the historical context of Scripture can become disjointed or misplaced in our minds and understanding. By going through the Bible chronologically, we can paint a mental picture of how different books and passages weave and fit together as they tell the story and give the history of God's creation, how He desires to have a growing love-relationship with His people, and the lengths God has gone through to provide a way of salvation for His children.

The class is taught by Ray Anders and meets in Room #201 in the main building. The Reese Chronological Bible will serve as the basis for the timeline and is conveniently broken up into time-periods, or sections, allowing new members to join at any time. This class is open to any age and level of biblical knowledge. 


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The Annex
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