Core Classes

Sundays 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM 

Core Classes are weekly opportunities for you to grow more deeply in your relationship with Christ and in following Him onto mission. They are short, 6-week courses, for all age groups allowing you to attend multiple courses over the school year. Designed to be practical and informative, the goal of these courses is that they would be transformative opportunities, leading to a deeper walk with Jesus, a deeper knowledge of the faith, and a more effective witness for His kingdom.

Core Classes begin each week at 6:00pm at The Gathering in the Worship Center, a time of worship where all classes meet together to praise the Lord and pray. At 6:15pm, we will separate into our different classes held all over the church: auditorium, fellowship hall, college room, etc. Classes will finish at 7:00pm.

Core Classes are designed for youth, college students, adults, and senior adults. Children will have their own separate activities at the same time.

 We will have 4 sessions throughout the school year:

  • Session 1  I  August 18 - October 6, 2019
  • Session 2  I  October 20 - December 1, 2019
  • Session 3  I  January 5 - February 9, 2020
  • Session 4  I  February 23 - April 19, 2020

Several different topics will be offered each session and childcare is available in the children's building (sign-up on button below). You may join at any time but sign up and attendance at the beginning is encouraged. Below are the classes offered for Fall 2019.

Session 1 - August 18 - October 6

Class 1 - How to Study the Bible led by Pastor Matt Brown in the Worship Center

How can I read the Bible and apply it to my life? In this class you will learn to study the Bible using the Inductive Bible Study Method and learn to use basic tools for Bible Study. The goal of this class is for you to begin to employ these methods in your own personal Bible Study, equipping you to grow in your love for God and grow in your discernment of how to live as faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Aug 18 - Week 1 - The Inductive Bible Study Method - Step 1: Observation
  • Aug 25 - Week 2 - The Inductive Bible Study Method - Steps 2 & 3: Interpretation and Application
  • Sep 1 - Labor Day Holiday, no class
  • Sep 8 - Week 3 - Genres of Scripture
  • Sep 15 - Week 4 - Author, Recipients, Date of Writing for the Books of the Bible
  • Sep 22 - Family Block party, no class
  • Sep 29 - Week 5 - Using Commentaries and Other Tools
  • Oct 6 - Week 6 - Studying Difficult Passages and Familiar Passages

Class 2 - Guidance: "Finding the Will of God" led by Kyle Smith in Fellowship Hall

The purpose of this class is to help us discern the will of God in our lives. At times, that seems very simple. Other times it can prove to be more difficult. How do we follow God?

  • Aug 18 - Week 1 - What is the basic will of God? What does He want from me? God’s basic will for every person has been made known to us. He has revealed it to us through His Creation, His Word and His Son
  • Aug 25 - Week 2 - Following Jesus was never promised to be easy, but there are some things in the Scriptures that show us what God wants from us. We will look at some direct commands for followers of Jesus.
  • Sep 1 - Labor Day Holiday, no class
  • Sep 8 - Week 3 - God has revealed His will for His people in His Word. In this session, we will look at two specific passages where God reveals exactly what He wants from us and what that means for us.
  • Sep 15 - Week 4 - Whenever we start a project, we usually start with the end in mind. What steps do we need to take in order to achieve whatever the project is calling for? When we choose to follow Jesus, we have a goal. What is the goal at the end of the Christian life?
  • Sep 22 - Family Block Party, no class
  • Sep 29 - Week 5 - Being faithful to God requires effort. If you want to follow God closely, you must seek Him. What are some things that can help me follow God more closely?
  • Oct 6 - Week 6 - There are resources available to help us follow God more closely. God did not leave us to fend for ourselves. How do I use what God has given to me?

Class 3 - Disciple Making "Developing our Faith" led by Garrett Slater in the College Room #211 (upstairs)

Jesus commands us to make disciples. What does it mean to make disciples? In this class we will define discipleship and how we can disciple in multiple arenas of life.

  • Aug 18 - Week 1 - The Difficulty Defining Discipleship
  • Aug 25 - Week 2 - Discipling One-on-One through Mentoring
  • Sep 1 - Labor Day Holiday, no class
  • Sep 8 - Week 3 - Discipling in Families
  • Sep 15 - Week 4 - Discipling in Small Groups
  • Sep 22 - Family Block Party, no class
  • Sep 29 - Week 5 - Church-Wide Discipling
  • Oct 6 - Week 6 - Discipling for a Legacy

Core Sign Up 

*Sign up also available in the east & west foyers in the main building.

Session 2 - October 20 - December 1

Class 1 - The Importance of Apologetics - Kyle Smith

Class 2 - Theology of the Church - Pastor Matt Brown

Class 3 - Meeting with God: Basic Disciplines of the Christian Life - Mark Hensley

*Sign up for Session 2 begins September 18, 2019