Core Classes

Sundays 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM 

Core Classes are weekly opportunities for you to grow more deeply in your relationship with Christ and in following Him onto mission. They are short, 6-week courses, for all age groups allowing you to attend multiple courses over the school year. Designed to be practical and informative, the goal of these courses is that they would be transformative opportunities, leading to a deeper walk with Jesus, a deeper knowledge of the faith, and a more effective witness for His kingdom.

Core Classes begin each week at 6:00pm at The Gathering in the Worship Center, a time of worship where all classes meet together to praise the Lord and pray. At 6:15pm, we will separate into our different classes held all over the church: auditorium, fellowship hall, college room, etc. Classes will finish at 7:00pm.

Core Classes are designed for youth, college students, adults, and senior adults. We offer Kids Krew (music and worship arts) at the same time - for PreK through 5th grade. More info Kids K.R.E.W.

 We will have 4 sessions throughout the school year:

  • Session 1  I  August 18 - October 6, 2019
  • Session 2  I  October 20 - December 1, 2019
  • Session 3  I  January 5 - February 16, 2020
  • Session 4  I  March 1 - April 19, 2020

Several different topics will be offered each session and childcare is available in the children's building (sign-up on button below). You may join at any time but sign up and attendance at the beginning is encouraged. 

Session 3 - January 5, 2020 - February 16  

Class 1 - New Testament Survey - Pastor Matt Brown (continues through Session 4, March 1-April 19)

Class 2 - Worship: What does the Bible Say? Developing Intimacy with God Through Worship - Brian Dickinson

Class 3 - Evangelism: Sharing the Good News - Kyle Smith

Class 4 - Financial Peace University, Dave Ramsey - Jonathan and Ashley Duncan (continues through Session 4, March 1-April 19)

Class 1 - New Testament Survey - led by Pastor Matt Brown in the Worship Center. PLEASE NOTE: this class has 12 classes and will continue through Session 4, March 1-April 19.

The New Testament did not drop out of heaven printed and leather bound for us. The New Testament is a collection of 29 different books and letters written by men inspired by God and who were witnesses to the risen Christ. These documents addressed specific audiences and situations from roughly AD 50 to AD 100. Quite literally, the New Testament documents were hammered out on the anvil of history. Consequently, we can study historical aspects of these works as well as authorship and audience and understand much about the message of each document.

In New Testament Survey, we will study the major contours of each book of the New Testament, including authorship, audience, historical features, background, and major themes, so we can understand, interpret, and apply what we read more clearly. This twelve week class is perfect for Sunday School teachers, for Bible Study leaders, or for any Christian who simply wants to know the New Testament better.

  • Jan 5 - Introduction & Matthew
  • Jan 12 - Mark & John
  • Jan 19 - Luke & Acts
  • Jan 26 - Romans & Galatians
  • Feb 9 - 1st & 2nd Corinthians
  • Feb 16 - Ephesians & Colossians
  • Mar 1 - Philippians, 1st & 2nd Thessalonians
  • Mar 8 - 1st & 2nd Timothy, Titus, Philemon
  • Mar 22 - Hebrews & James
  • Mar 29 - 1st & 2nd Peter
  • Apr 5 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd John
  • Apr 19 - Jude & Revelation

Class 2 - Worship: What does the Bible Say? Developing Intimacy with God Through Worship led by Brian Dickinson in Room 211 (College room upstairs).

God is not seeking worship, He is seeking worshipers. In His searching, He looks past all the personal pretense and looks directly at the heart. Our study will be on how we can be that worshiper that God is after. We will be using 3 sources but most will be God’s Word and what He has laid out for us in scripture. Our other sources will be from 2 books by Don McMinn, A Heart Aflame! and The Practice of Praise.

  • Jan 5 - What is Worship?
  • Jan 12 - The Priority of Worship
  • Jan 19 - The Pathway of Worship
  • Jan 26 - The Characteristics of Worship
  • Feb 9 - The Profile of a Worshiper
  • Feb 16 - Characteristics of a Praise and Worship Service

Class 3  - Evangelism: Sharing the Good News - led by Kyle Smith in Fellowship Hall 

  • Jan 5 - Why is evangelism important and, who is God?
  • Jan 12 - What is wrong with our world?
  • Jan 19 - What is God's response to the problem in our world?
  • Jan 26 - Who is Jesus and why did He have to die on the Cross?
  • Feb 9 - Why the Resurrection of Jesus is so important
  • Feb 16 - How can I be better at evangelism?

Class 4  - Financial Peace University, Dave Ramsey - Coordinators Jonathan and Ashley Duncan - all classes start @ 5:30PM in room #221. Membership kits are available for purchase. PLEASE NOTE: this class has 12 classes and will continue through Session 4, March 1-April 19.

This proven personal financial plan has been used by nearly 6 million people to reduce debt, save and invest for the future. Learn how to effectively manage the resources God has given each of us.

  • Jan 5 - Preview Lesson
  • Jan 12 - Baby Step 1 & Budgeting
  • Jan 19 - Baby Step 2
  • Jan 26 - Baby Step 3
  • Feb 9 - Baby Steps 4 & 5
  • Feb 16 - Baby Steps 6 & 7
  • Mar 1 - Buyer Beware
  • Mar 8 - The Role of Insurance
  • Mar 22 - Retirement Planning
  • Mar 29 - Real Estate & Mortgages
  • Apr 5 - Outrageous Generosity
  • Apr 19 - if needed


Core Sign Up 

*Sign up also available in the east & west foyers in the main building.